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Junaid Agro Products is an indigenous food company committed to creating food products from local foods, making it readily available to everyone without compromising the taste of home in them. We use the highest quality, locally grown raw food materials for our products. This is because we believe in the ingenuity of our local farmers to grow produce that has a quality as high as those that can be found outside Nigeria.

We have a forward thinking management board and over 12 personnel with over 20 years of combined experience in food processing, supply-chain management and retail. They lead the people who work at Junaid Agro Products and form its heart and soul, and are passionate about how to add value to local food crops through processing and making these food products within the reach of everyone.

Our mission is to create food products from local food sources in order to make them readily available to consumers far and wide.

Our vision is to become one of Nigeria’s food companies and help grow the agricultural sector through value-adding food processing activities.


From Plateau, Nassarawa, to Kaduna States of Nigeria, JAP Limited has gone into partnership with Potato growers on farming of our required specie of Irish Potato. JAP Limited is the off-taker and guarantee growers produce is bought at a competitive price, consistently, thus providing a constant income and eliminating post-harvest waste due to poor preservation that is very common with many vegetable farmers in Nigeria.  

Junaid Frites

Junaid® Frites is a Frozen French Fries manufactured under hygienic environment employing best Industry practices and methods in the process. Using 100% Nigerian grown Irish Potatoes, Junaid® Frites is the best Nigerian made Frozen French Fries; the natural taste, crunchy exterior, cooked interior and ideal appearance on full fry makes it a perfect choice when it comes to French Fries. Junaid Frites comes in a 750g pouch. Try it out and believe!

Junaid Fresh Potatoes

In addition to our JUNAID® Frites, JAP Limited also bag Fresh Irish Potatoes for those who desire it fresh; Baked or Cooked in 5KG and 15KG sacks. 

This range of produce are carefully sorted and selected before bagging at our factory. Average sizes are medium to large tubers, thus giving our customers a standard product to look forward to. 

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GOODIES SUPERMARKET Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

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GOODIES SUPERMARKET City Mall, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria

GRAND SQUARE SUPERMARKET- Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

SHOPPERS DELITE – Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria island, Lagos, Nigeria

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