Junaid Power Shoppe

JUNAID Power Shoppe is a one-stop shop that provides reliable power solutions in renewable energy and power backup solutions to corporate and private individuals in Nigeria. Our solutions are specifically tailored to the Nigerian environment and are designed and deployed by our team of professionals who have deep expertise and experience in power solutions.

JUNAID Power Shoppe the sales and service outlets of JUNAID Synergy Limited, an integrated services company that operates in the energy and technology sector that has been in existence since 2000.

JUNAID Power Shoppe benefits from the presence of a team of over 30 qualified and seasoned professionals within JUNAID Synergy Limited who have several years of experience in their respective fields of specialization in the fields of resource sharing and management, project management, public works and consulting.

Other sister companies of JUNAID Synergy Limited include: JUNAID Integrated Services Limited, Silikon Ink Limited and NIMAN Group.

Why Junaid Power Shoppe?

A dedicated management team, committed to excellence and service delivery.

International and effective supply chain for our hardware supplies.

Partnerships and alliances with renowned companies in the field of power solutions.

 An excellent R&D team with the experience and capacity to undertake on client needs.

Excellence in project management, turnkey project deployment and execution.

Direct sales and support team to provide round the clock, support to our clients and customers.

Our Products & Services

Our products and services are in the areas of renewable energy and power backup solutions in our quest to provide our customers and clientele with reliable power solutions that will keep their businesses and homes running and make their lives stress-free.

The need for renewable energy has become imperative in order to meet the high demand for energy in Nigeria in a cost-effective way by taking advantage of natural resources endowment in a manner that is not detrimental to the environment.

Power backup solutions are also a need for homes and businesses as they protect electrical appliances and IT infrastructure from power outage, fluctuations and surges by providing an uninterruptible power system.


Power Backup Solutions
Solar Power Solutions
Solar Streetlights
Filtered Power & Power Protection

Work We Have Done

JUNAID Power Shoppe has provided over 100 corporate and commercial bodies and over 2000 individual homes with our products and services, helping to install 5000kW or 5MW of clean energy across Nigeria.

Junaid Power Shoppe Partners

The Junaid Group has partners in India, China and the United Arab Emirates that offer it resource sharing and technical expertise on turnkey solar projects.


Junaid Power Shoppe Clients